Western Australia

Ferndale Springs Horizon



Name: Ferndale Springs Horizon (Sunny)

Purebred Gelding, CBHSA 63

DOB. 23/10/2013

Height: 17 hh Bay


Horizon is well handled gelding, self loads on the float, easy to work with, good for farrier, easy to catch, very quiet, lightly worked under saddle however has done numerous high atmosphere events such as Mandurah city street parade and ANZAC ceremonies, he has been shown by a 4 year old girl and ridden) in shows and lessons.
He received champion gelding and supreme champion at 2019 heavy horse championship show.

Sunny is very laid back and takes everything in his huge stride. Suit showing and riding. Professionally started and raised it is a rare

opportunity to buy a purebred gelding at this stage in his life.

Below replacement value.

Price: $ 12000

Contact: Paula Pownall  email. Paula@grubsup.com.au


Ferndale Springs Shamrock

**Pictures to come** 

Name: Ferndale Springs Shamrock

Purebred filly, CBHSA 64, CBHS number pending

DOB. 23/10/2015

Height: 15.3hh Bay

Pedigree: https://sporthorse-data.com/pedigree/ferndalesprings-shammrock

Shamrock is well handled filly, self loads on the float, easy to work with, good for farrier, easy to catch, very quiet, backed and left to mature. Suit breeding, showing or riding. All the hard work and expense is done ready for new home. Although green she has had a professional foundation and is ready to work or breed.

Price: $ 9900

Contact: Brenda Boaden brendaboaden@gmail.com 0419953371


South Australia


Reigate Stella


Name: Reigate Stella

** You will notice I have put her name as “Stella” at present which is her paddock name coming from Stellina meaning tiny star which she has on her head….. There are quite a few Clevelands with the name ‘Bellissima’ that I have seen of late – and while having the prefix on it makes it ‘different’ – I do not want her mixed up with other horses as I am sure the owners/breeders of those horses do not want them mixed up She will have something super special as her name though – the list is shortening!

DOB: 01/10/2018

Height: Mature to 16.2hh -17hh

Pedigree: Billara Beersheba x Wuthering Heights (Sandgate Reznor)

Stella is offered for sale earlier than planned – and as such she is offered for a ridiculously inexpensive price to the right person who can take her places.

She is set to be a good 16.2 – 17hh, solidly built and a good weight carrier. She is a sweetie – she has basic leading, loves a scratch and a brush, can be caught in the paddock – however we have a catch collar on her as there is a flighty filly in with her – and you never know when they will decide to play hard to get. She has been floated from the other sid of Melbourne to Adelaide with no problems whatsoever alongside her dear dad, Billara Beersheba.

Currently she is in full fluffy winter fashion. Both sire and Dam are located at Mount Gambier where she is.

** Please note, I am not in a position to just run out and get video of her moving on a moment’s notice – I need to organise it with her current caretaker as she is on Agistment about 900km from where I live. Also the normal style and quality of photographs available is quite different all the way through for her than my other youngsters as I have not been there to take them. Most of the ones available are odd angled ones taken on mobile phones as she wants to say hello and we all know how helpful that is for decent pics! Lol

So – if you are serious about wanting a fabulous youngster – get in touch!

Heath – her full brother from the 2016 foaling season is a ripper and is an absolute tank – his owner would be more than happy to tell you about his temperament and personality!


Price: $3500

Location: Mount Gambier

Contact: Shell Williams Email: reigatestud@gmail.com or please text 0412 385 274 




New South Wales










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