Tregoyd Topper_webWe are currently updating our stud book and the table below only lists horses registered with the CBSHA up until 2010. This table has horses sorted by registration number. For details on all horses registered (including those after 2010), please refer to the Sporthorse-Data bank.

If you would like to register a horse, registration forms can be downloaded from our Membership/forms page on this website.

Should you have a question or enquiry about CBHSA horse registration/s please contact our Registrar, Brenda Boaden, via email: or tel: 0419 953 371.



Reg No.
Horses Registered Name:
1 B Surry Lodge Emperors Court Eaglescliffe Emperor Exhale Stallion 8.5.75 Bay
2 B Surry Lodge Saffron Surry Lodge Emperors Court Real Diamond Mare 12.9.79 Chestnut
3 B Surry Lodge Lucia Surry Lodge Emperors Court Young Dot Mare 30.9.79 Chestnut
4 B Ivory Star Kumali My Fairy Speed Mare 7.9.77 Grey
5 B Professor Eaglescliffe Emperor Narrinyerri Stallion 19.2.71 Bay
6 B Stanley Clare Kumali Emperor Bewildered Mare 21.9.78 Grey
7 B Knaresborough Emperor Pioneer Mini Sal TB Gelding 1.9.79 Bay
8 B Impatient Miss Eaglescliffe Emperor Impatient Mare 25.8.77 Bay
9 B Miss Impatient Eaglescliffe Emperor Impatient Mare 6.2.76 Bay
10 B Suleiman Sinbad Kumali Miss Impatient Colt 5.8.81 Black
11 B My Fairy Speed Eaglescliffe Emperor Fairy Speed Mare 27.12.75 Bay
12 B Tallon Kumali My Fairy Speed Colt 22.7.81 Grey
13 B Eaglescliffe Princess Surry Lodge Emperors Court Daryls Girl Mare 2.10.81 Bay
14 B Binowie Foxfield Gillshaw Caliph Clear Girl TB Gelding 4.12.81 Bay
16 B Caballero La Casa El’Baquero Perez Abigail Gelding 1977 Chestnut
17 B Billara Killani Gillshaw Caliph Eaglescliffe Killy (CBS) Mare 27.9.82 Bay
18 B Billara Hudson Gillshaw Caliph Surry Lodge Annie Gelding 15.11.81 Bay
19 B Billara Archadia Gillshaw Caliph Kymbalee Jess Mare 25.9.82 Chestnut
20 B Karanna Mist Blue Peter CBX Regal Quartet TB Mare 4.10.80 Grey
21 B No 1 Surry Lodge Emperors Court Columbine Gelding 29.3.82 Black
22 B Premonition Surry Lodge Emperors Court Columbine Gelding 1.11.79 Bay
23 B Bayaspen Emperor Pioneer Flossatina Mare 15.9.78 Bay
24 B Binowie Bo Baroness Gillshaw Caliph Daryls Girl Mare 22.12.82 Bay
25 B Binowie Bold Bodie Gillshaw Caliph Clear Girl Colt 4.9.83 Bay
26 B Binowie Kenneth Gillshaw Caliph Ringers Mate ASB Stallion 28.9.82 LiverChestnut
27 B Iramoo Carina Gillshaw Caliph Anoushka Mare 16.12.83 Chestnut
28 B Rona Derani Gillshaw Caliph Miss Del Mar Mare 10.11.82 Bay
29 B Rona Little John Gillshaw Caliph Miss Del Mar Gelding 18.12.83 Roan
30 B Maxwell Smart Gillshaw Caliph Eaglescliffe Killy (CBS) Stallion 17.9.84 Bay
31 B Binowie Beaumont Gillshaw Caliph Rona Arctic Mint Colt 10.12.84 Bay
32 B Damon Kumali My Fairy Speed Gelding 10.8.82 Black
33 B Bethlehem Gillshaw Caliph Sapphire Mare 25.12.84 Grey
34 B Iramoo Sir Jasper Gillshaw Caliph Kooshe Colt 3.11.84 Bay
36 B Eagles Empress Eaglescliffe Emperor Narrinyerri Mare 1970/71 Bay
37 B Binowie Springfield Gillshaw Caliph Sally Mare 11.3.84 Bay
38 B Binowie Lady Briony Gillshaw Caliph Daryls Girl Mare 10.10.84 Bay
39 B Botham Gillshaw Caliph Sapphire Stallion 23.11.83 Blue Roan
40 B Braelea Park Spring Melody Fred Astaire Eaglescliffe Killy (CBS) Mare 6.10.85 Bay
41 B Barooga Rochelle Gillshaw Caliph Violetta Mare 3.9.85 Grey
42 B Lady Tryst Surry Lodge Emperors Court Chantilly Mare 20.2.86 Bay
43 B Binowie Arabella Gillshaw Caliph Clear Girl Mare 28.10.85 Bay
44 B Keating Gillshaw Caliph Wangara Lass Gelding 2.11.85 Bay
45 B Ranfurly Harrington Matchmaker 2003 Wairewa Lass XX Stallion 10.2.83 Bay
46 B Binowie Bonnie Gillshaw Caliph Sally Mare 26.9.85 Bay
47 B Binowie Bessie Gillshaw Caliph Sally Mare 19.10.86 Bay
48 B Iramoo Tamarind Gillshaw Caliph Fielana Mare 30.9.85 Chestnut
49 B Iramoo Warrior Surry Lodge Emperors Court Fielana Gelding 14.9.86 Bay
50 B Summerset Contessa Gillshaw Caliph Illimbina Rafila Mare 1.10.85 Chestnut
51 B Kahma Kavalier Gillshaw Caliph Syrikit Gelding 30.9.86 Bay
52 B Oberon Majesty Emperor Oberon Aprilli Gelding 28.12.84 Bay
53 B Binowie Boadicea Gillshaw Caliph Daryls Girl Mare 1.12.86 Bay
54 B Oberon Augustus Emperor Oberon Flossatina Gelding 25.8.85 Bay
55 B Binowie Nikita Gillshaw Caliph Tivoli Mare 10.1.87 Bay
56 B Oberon Emma Emperor Oberon Aprilli Mare 23.11.86 Bay
57 B Binowie Huntsman Gillshaw Caliph Mikopul Gelding 28.10.86 Bay
58 B Braelea Park Daydream Forest Field Day Valeenia Mare 28.12.87 Bay
59 B Braelea Park Huntsman dec. Forest Field Day Miss Announcer Stallion 18.11.87 Bay
60 B Braelea Park Cutie Pie Maxwell Smart Eagles Empress Mare 16.12.87 Bay
61 B Braelea Park Cavalier Forest Field Day Eaglescliffe Killy (CBS) Colt 20.9.87 Bay
62 B Braelea Park Forester Forest Field Day Parodie Westphalen Ger Colt 17.11.87 Bay
63 B Schaff’s Sarah Emperor Oberon Cindy Mare 22.10.86 Bay
64 B Lord Lovett of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Lovett Lady Gelding 16.12.87 Bay
65 B Gilrose Nikita Gillshaw Caliph Rose of Hope Mare 6.12.87 Bay
66 B Oberon Uno Emperor Oberon Flossatina Gelding 10.6.87 Bay
67 B Binowie Bartholomew Gillshaw Caliph Clear Girl Colt 14.11.87 Bay
67 B Blenheim Shidie Emperor Pioneer Viennta Gelding 25.12.87 Bay
68 B Bogart Levenmouth Dragoon Gelding 1.2.82 Bay
69 B Contessa Gold Gillshaw Caliph Daryls Girl Mare 25.11.87 Bay
70 B Blenham Bay Idol Emperor Pioneer Harleys Sister Mare 12.9.88 Bay
71 B Blenham Whitney Emperor Pioneer Shelly Mare 9.9.88 Bay
72 B Madrigal of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Wyhoni Mare 10.9.88 Bay
73 B Maestro of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Rullah’s Arrow (TB) Gelding 12.9.88 Bay
74 B Mazurka of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump It’s a Worry Mare 19.9.88 Bay
75 B Binowie Bellamy Gillshaw Caliph Clear Girl Gelding 8.1.89 Bay
76 B Sandgate Rebecca Gillshaw Caliph Time Flies Mare 21.12.86 Bay
77 B Sandgate Regina Gillshaw Caliph Time Flies Mare 2.12.87 Bay
78 B Blenheim Clechar Emperor Pioneer Snowy Mare 9.2.89 Bay
79 B Blenheim Valdemar Emperor Pioneer Vienna Gelding 10.12.86 Bay
80 B Brae Burn Mandala Gillshaw Caliph Brae Burn Magenta Mare 13.11.84 Bay
80 B Bryn-N-Ka Opel Gillshaw Caliph Bisquet Mare 11.10.87 Bay
81 B Brynka Olympia Gillshaw Caliph Colonial Girl Mare 18.9.88 Bay
82 B Brynka Oakley Gillshaw Caliph Dusky Meg Gelding 31.10.88 Bay
83 B Billara Bellamy Gillshaw Caliph Light Melody Gelding 9.12.86 Chestnut
84 B Billara Mahogany Bay Gillshaw Caliph Kaladbro Jolly Mare 14.10.86 Bay
85 B Ranfurly Tane Ranfurly (45B) Wandra Cassandra Gelding 26.10.87 Bay
86 B Ranfurly Maui Ranfurly (45B) Beauhaven Sarah Gelding 3.9.89 Bay
87 B Ranfurly Wae Wae Ranfurly (45B) Freelance Gelding 22.9.89 Chestnut
88 B Ranfurly Tainui Ranfurly (45B) Gypsy Royal Gelding 26.9.88 Bay
89 B Carrington Park Chardonnay Emperor Oberon Flossatina Mare 5.8.86 Bay
90 B Carrington Park Reisling (CM) Emperor Oberon Dreamsong Mare 24.9.86 Bay
92 B Carrington Park Champagne Emperor Oberon Camden Girl Mare 12.9.86 Bay
93 B Carrington Park Port Emperor Oberon Mitzi D’Or Gelding 11.10.86 Bay
94 B Noah of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Lovett Lady Gelding 1.8.90 Bay
95 B Nicholas of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Jeanne Marie Gelding 11.12.89 Bay
96 B The Intruder Gillshaw Caliph Shiora Gelding 20.9.82 Bay
97 B Ziggy Gillshaw Caliph Shiora Mare 13.2.86 Chestnut
98 B Baronor Red Hen Forest Field Day Field Spirt Mare 11.12.86 Chestnut
99 B Billara Hamish Surry Lodge Emperors Court Columbine Gelding 10.10.83 Bay
100 B Binowie Samson Gillshaw Caliph Mikopul Gelding 3.1.89 Bay
101 B Illinois Emperor Magic Station Mare Gelding 31.12.79 Bay
102 B Killarnie Gillshaw Caliph Light Melody Stallion 20.10.87 Bay
103 B Binowie Debonair Gillshaw Caliph Balaleica Gelding 27.10.89 Bay
104 B Binowie Copperfield Gillshaw Caliph Blue Girl Mare 4.10.89 Chestnut
105 B Rain Forest Bird Forest Field Day Doc’s Sweet Rinbird Mare 13.11.89 Chestnut
106 B Oberon Whynot Emperor Oberon Ryeford Gretchen Gelding 18.12.85 Bay
107 B Carrington Park Chablis (Atalanta) Emperor Oberon Mitzi D’or Mare 16.12.88 Bay
108 B Carrington Park Claret Emperor Oberon Camden Girl Gelding 22.11.88 Bay
109 B Oberon Rommiska Emperor Oberon Romacell Gelding 23.12.87 Bay
110 B Blenheim Rivette Wetherby Masta Santa Harleys Sister Mare 16.12.90 Bay
111 B Blenheim Vespera Wetherby Masta Santa Shelly Mare 6.11.90 Bay
112 B Blenheim Mascuso Wetherby Masta Santa Shiraz Girl Gelding 27.12.90 Bay
113 B Sandgate Nikita Gillshaw Caliph Recover Mare 23.11.90 Chestnut
114 B Carrington Park Antoinette Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Camden Girl Mare 25.10.90 Bay
115 B Carrington Park Academy Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Mary Gelding 1.11.90 Bay
116 B Carrington Park Avon Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Penny Gelding 19.11.90 Bay
117 B Carrington Park Acrobat Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Makari Empress Mare 10.10.90 Bay
118 B Carrington Park Aristocrat Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Makari Surprise Mare 14.11.91 Bay
119 B Carrington Park Atlas Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Mitzi D’or Gelding 28.10.90 Bay
120 B Carrington Park Ajax Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Spirit Babe Gelding 26.10.90 Bay
121 B Directional Duck Forest Field Day Brooklyn Jane Mare 7.2.89 Bay
122 B Ophelia of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump It’s a Worry Mare 11.11.90 Bay
123 B Octavius of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Wyhoni Gelding 28.10.90 Bay
124 B Binowie Danella Gillshaw Caliph Mikopul Mare 1987 Bay
125 B Binowie Berwick Gillshaw Caliph Sally Stallion 5.12.87 Bay
126 B Munericka Mac Gillshaw Caliph Kaladbro Jolly Gelding 9.10.88 Bay
127 B Kalgan Final Eclipse Emperor Oberon Sweet Torment Mare 10.9.88 Bay
128 B Kalgan Samsara Oberon Uno Sweet Torment Mare 10.11.90 Bay
129 B Oberon Triton Emperor Oberon Kate’s Delight Gelding 25.8.89 Bay
130 B Oberon Maximus Emperor Oberon Ryeford Gretchen Gelding 31.8.90 Bay
131 B Blenheim Athenia Wetherby Masta Santa Faded Memories Mare 11.3.92 Bay
132 B Blenheim Odessa Wetherby Masta Santa Vienna Mare 26.10.91 Bay
133 B Filey Pepper Wetherby Barry Crump Sweet Rebel Mare 9.10.87 Chestnut
134 B Oberon Cluedo Emperor Oberon Bess Mare 12.9.89 Bay
135 B Persephone of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Rullah’s Arrow XX Mare 31.10.91 Bay
136 B Patrician Lady of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Lovett Lady Mare 18.11.91 Bay
137 B Prince Angus of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Angus Reign Gelding 10.10.91 Bay
138 B Pandora of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump My Fair Lady Mare 14.11.91 Bay
139 B Carrington Park Bali H’ai Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Makari Surprise Mare 14.11.90 Bay
140 B Carrington Park Bearta Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Dreamsong Mare 1.11.91 Bay
141 B Carrington Park Bijou Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Spirit Babe Mare 2.2.92 Bay
142 B Carrington Park Benson Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Mary Gelding 27.10.91 Bay
143 B Carrington Park Boxun Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Camden Girl Gelding 12.12.91 Bay
144 B Cleveland Park Bountiful Lady Clareborough Bounty Daryls Girl Mare 18.12.90 Bay
145 B Cleveland Park Wilbur Gillshaw Caliph Daryls Girl Gelding 21.1.89 Bay
146 B Cleveland Park Charlotte Forest Field Day Charowa Miss Mare 17.11.89 Grey
147 B Nercoba Sheraton Gillshaw Caliph Gypsy Mare 4.11.81 Bay
148 B Cleveland Park Major Gillshaw Caliph Sally Gelding 22.1.89 Bay
149 B Cleveland Park Mate Gillshaw Caliph Ringers Mate Gelding 31.12.88 Bay
150 B Legato Gillshaw Caliph Foxcroft Catherine Mare 28.10.91 Bay
151 B Oberon Zacariah Emperor Oberon Goddess of Mine Gelding 11.11.90 Bay
152 B Cleveland Park Bellabay Forest Field Day Ringers Mate Mare 25.12.89 Bay
153 B Cleveland Park Proof Clareborough Bounty Tivoli Mare 8.11.90 Bay
154 B Blenheim Luana Wetherby Master Santa Shiraz Girl Mare 4.10.92 Bay
155 B Blenheim Mindosa Wetherby Master Santa Shelly Gelding 25.10.92 Bay
156 B Enlighten Gillshaw Caliph Miss Zargo Mare 2.10.91 Chestnut
156 B Sandgate Markus Gillshaw Caliph Recover Colt 14.11.91 Chestnut
157 B Mistwood Night Magic Gillshaw Caliph Illangi Chenile Mare 30.10.92 Bay
158 B Billara Killari Gillshaw Caliph According Mare 23.9.92 Bay
159 B Billara Albert Gillhaw Caliph According Gelding 21.9.91 Bay
160 B Ranfurly Arawa Ranfurly (45B) Sayers Joy Mare 12.10.90 Liver Chestnut
161 B Blenheim Praxton Wetherby Master Santa Lady Quarry Gelding 22.2.93 Bay
162 B Blenheim Bardot Wetherby Master Santa Faded Memories Mare 12.2.93 Bay
163 B Blenheim Kriazrne Wetherby Master Santa Vienna Mare 22.12.92 Bay
164 B Blenheim Selene Wetherby Master Santa Our Juno Mare 9.3.93 Bay
165 B Cleveland Park Calypso Clareborough Bounty Sally Gelding 1.12.91 Bay
166 B Quaint Star of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump It’s a Worry Mare 24.9.92 Bay
167 B Carrington Park Chaplin Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Dunolly Surgeress Gelding 28.9.93 Bay
168 B Carrington Park Charles Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Camden Girl Gelding 12.12.92 Bay
169 B Kalgan Enterprise Gillshaw Caliph Sensationally Mare 2.11.92 Bay
170 B Impeccable Pomme de Terre Levenmouth Impeccable Dublin Connection Gelding 5.2.93 Liver Chestnut
171 B Mistwood Jessica Gillshaw Caliph Bizarre Magic Mare 8.10.88 Bay
172 B Fieldmaster Braelea Park Huntsman Fifty Gelding 12.10.91 Bay
172 B Impeccable Kate Levenmouth Impeccable Swan Mark Mare 23.1.93 Bay
173 B Watch the Clock Wetherby Barry Crump Mindy XX Mare 5.10.92 Bay
174 B Impeccable Lad Levenmouth Impeccable Petanne Gelding 25/03/1993 Bay
174 B Ranfurly Tui Ranfurly Wynora Cassandra Mare 24.8.91 Bay
175 B Foxwood Furst Levenmouth Impeccable China Punch Colt 30.11.93 Bay
176 B Osberton Titan Osberton Goliath Spinnaker Gelding 14.1.83 Bay
177 B Ranfurly Hinemoa Ranfurly (45B) Beauaaven Sarah Mare 7.9.90 Bay
178 B Quentin of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Trippitaka Gelding 19.12.92 Bay
179 B Maximus Intentions Oberon Maximus Lylie Girl Mare 25.11.93 Bay
180 B Blenheim Rewa Wetherby Master Santa Vienna Mare 13.1.94 Bay
181 B Blenheim Badoura Wetherby Master Santa Pretty Doll Mare 6.1.94 Bay
182 B Blenheim Roanna Wetherby Master Santa Flamboyant Belle Mare 9.12.93 Bay
182 B Kudu Pandai Braelea Park Huntsman Misty Stallion 12.3.92 Buckskin
183 B Oberon Sir Abbey Emperor Oberon Jonar Celica Gelding 23.9.89 Bay
184 B Oberon Chantilly Lace Emperor Oberon Jonar Celica Mare 8.11.93 Bay
185 B Elansu Calibre Jewel Gillshaw Caliph Darwin IA Mare 8.12.91 Bay
186 B Binowie Mystique Gillshaw Caliph Balaleica Mare 28.2.91 Bay
187 B Oberon Chislom Emperor Oberon Bess XX Gelding 5.10.91 Bay
188 B Oberon Merry Thought Emperor Oberon Jomar Celica Gelding 18.11.92 Bay
189 B Ryeford Amber Emperor Oberon Ryeford Gretchen Mare 25.11.86 Bay
190 B Kinkajou Gillshaw Caliph Rainair Mare 31.10.85 Chestnut
191 B Brae Burn Pippin Gillshaw Caliph Chick’s Chance Mare 1.2.90 Bay
192 B Carrington Deity Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Fettucine Mare 26.8.93 Bay
193 B Carrington Debutante Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Spirit Babe Mare 14.10.93 Bay
194 B Brae Burn Trueman Gillshaw Caliph Top Quote Gelding 31.12.91 Chestnut
195 B Ballantyne Gillshaw Caliph Tara Gold Stallion 10.12.93 Chestnut
196 B Mistwood Roxanne Billara Padbury Mistwood Change of Luck Mare 21.10.93 Bay
197 B Mistwood Paddington Billara Padbury Mistwood First Impression Gelding 14.10.93 Bay
198 B Trismos Kiri’s Performance Gillshaw Caliph Kara’s Benefit Mare 29.12.93 Bay
199 B Binowie Scarlet Rose Gillshaw Caliph Foxcroft Catherine Mare
200 B Braelea Park Fearless Forest Field Day Eaglescliffe Killy Stallion 23.11.90 Bay
201 B Cleveland Park Casey Clareborough Bounty Ringers Mate Mare 23.10.91 Bay
202 B Bailey ‘n’ Cream Fearless Prince Impatient Miss Mare 3.12.89 Bay
203 B Legarto Gillshaw Caliph Sheltered Bay Gelding 4.12.91 Chestnut
204 B Arctic Flight Levenmouth Impeccable Arctic Moss Mare 31.3.93 Bay
205 B Impeccable Model Levenmouth Impeccable Le Model Mare 3.1.94 Bay
206 B Impeccable Catrina Levenmouth Impeccable Swan Mark Mare 18.12.93 Bay
207 B Blenheim Ardelle Wetherby Master Santa Shelly Mare 4.12.93 Bay
208 B Sedgemoor Sufragette Mare
213 B Ranfurly Aotea Ranfurly (45B) Beauhaven Sarah Mare 1.10.93 Bay
214 B Millenium Wetherby Pierre Fiery Shamrock Mare 28.9.94 Bay
215 B Kalgan Quest Emperor Oberon Dress Grey Gelding 7.2.95 Bay (Grey)
216 B Kalgan Persuasion Emperon Oberon Sensationally Mare 9.12.94 Bay
217 B Kalgan Endeavour Emperor Oberon Black Ksarina Gelding 22.10.94 Bay
218 B Kalgan Valentino Emperor Oberon Bundooree Manaschee Gelding 14.2.95 Brown
219 B Bryntawel Athena Wetherby Lord Byron Myjah Mare 22.9.94 Bay
220 B Carrington Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Mary Gelding 2.9.94 Bay
221 B Carrington Elegance Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Camden Girl 22.9.94
222 B Killarnie Courage Killarnie Bonnie 16.12.94
223 B Killarnie Conquest Killarnie Oberon Hannah 22.11.94
224 B Killarnie Cascade Killarnie Shaelee 25.11.94
225 B Killarnie Carisma Killarnie Beauty 14.12.94
226 B Killarnie Limerick Killarnie Bess 24.11.94
227 B Killarnie Odyssey Killarnie Oberon Shandy 4.12.93
228 B Killarnie Belle Emperor Oberon Ryeford Gretchen Mare 20.8.89
229 B Austral Park Persephone* Wetherby Pierre Kim Mare 15.11.94
230 B Caylie Gillshaw Caliph Merry Mistress XX Mare 10/12/1995 Bay
231 B Blenheim Wattle Wetherby Master Santa Flamboyant Belle 15.12.94
232 B Blenheim Ingleby Wetherby Master Santa Our Juno 27.01.95
233 B Blenheim Zaszas Wetherby Master Santa Shelly 28.11.94
234 B Blenheim Torlach Wetherby Master Santa Faded Memories 15.12.94
235 B Bryn-N-Ka Owena Gillshaw Caliph Tips On 3.01.93
236 B Sandgate Reznor Gillshaw Caliph Balalaika Stallion 14.06.95 Bay
237 B Impeccable Diego Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna 2.11.93
238 B Impeccable Jazztime Levenmouth Impeccable Dixie Gold 2.04.94
239 B Linzil Leisurely Master Levenmouth Impeccable Linzil’s Leisurely Miss Gelding
240 B Braelea Park Popcorn Forest Field Day Eaglescliffe Killy 12.09.95
241 B Kalgan Esprit Emperor Oberon Black Kzarina 14.11.95
242 B Kalgan Bronte Emperor Oberon Bundooree Manaschee Mare 1995
243 B Kalgan Calypso Emperor Oberon Dress Grey 22.2.96
244 B Goldberg Gillshaw Caliph Cheeky Trot  28.12.90
245 B Ashenden Forest Braelea Park Huntsman Rebecca 12.9.92
246 B Chilton Prix Cheval Wetherby Barry Crump Wyhoni Mare 7.10.95 Bay
247 B Killarnie Cavalier Killarnie Oberon Hannah (CBS) Gelding 16.12.95 Bay
248 B Kilarnie Ceilidh(CM) Killarnie Oberon Shandy Mare 29.10.95 Bay
249 B Bay Zeal Gillshaw Caliph Chics Chance 6.12.91
250 B Austral Park Cadence Wetherby Pierre Fiery Shamrock 20.10.95
251 B Killarnie Clover Billara Padbury Light Melody 12.12.95
252 B Killarnie Cirace Billara Padbury Rusty 10.11.95
253 B Bryntawel Aisling Wetherby Lord Byron Withering Glance 12.12.95
254 B Bryntawel Aeor Wetherby Lord Byron Times Away 1994
255 B Cleveland Park Sarandin Clareborough Bounty Daryls Girl 17.11.94
256 B Binowie Norman Gillshaw Caliph Tarra Gold (TB) Gelding 25.1.95
257 B Dark Emma Levenmouth Impeccable Miss Omega Shey Mare 27.8.96
258 B  Zia Riff Raff Levenmouth Impeccable Saltbush 14.11.94
259 B Foxwood Flaunt Levenmouth Impecable Joy of the Outback Mare 2.11.94 Bay
260 B Foxwood Fagan Levenmouth impeccable Stuart Park Leica 29.12.94
261 B Foxwood Firefly Levenmouth Impeccable Corpus Flower Mare 13.2.95 Bay
262 B Binowie Ginger Biscuit Gillshaw Caliph Sweet Rebel 2.10.94
263 B Pine Country Shania Gillshaw Caliph Springling Miss Polka 15.11.97
264 B Denita Gillshaw Caliph Taleus Mischka Mare 26.12.90 Bay
265 B Binowie McCaliph Gillshaw Caliph
266 B Lazy H Lucas Levenmouth Impeccable Saltbush 2.12.95
267 B Austral Park Sweet William Wetherby Pierre Flying Frivolity Gelding 14.1.96
268 B Corluika Grey Smoke Killarnie Ralvon T Chip 4.11.93
269 B Windradean Kallara Killarnie Mahkita 24.12.94
270 B Blenheim Savannah Wetherby Master Santa Flamboyant Belle 24.12.96
271 B Foxwell Lady Rosebay Wetherby Master Santa Light’s Daughter Mare 2.2.96
272 B Tally Hi Bamboo Clareborough Bounty Pania Kara Gelding 15.11.94 Bay
273 B Kalgan Image Emperor Oberon Papyrus Lady 29.9.96
274 B D.J. Savannah Forest Field Day Northern Chickodee Mare 28.10.98 Bay
275 B Kalgan Illusion Emperor Oberon Kalgan Great Expectations 17.12.96 Bay
276 B Kalgan Mirage Emperor Oberon Black Kzarina 13.11.96
277 B Ryeford Cooper Emperor Oberon Ryeford Gretchen 22.10.93 Bay
278 B Yarndales Boginderra Court Ranfurly Miss Due at Court 16.10.96
279 B Unicord Park Frolic Ranfurly Hair Frolic 8.2.95
280 B Ranfurly Jazzamin Ranfurly Oreatore 9.10.96
281 B Killarnie Billara Bali Billara Padbury Rosie 16.11.95
282 B Corluika Arkia Killarnie Ralvon T Chip 27.12.95
283 B Penderlea Breeanna (DEC) Braelea Park Huntsman Sophie Mare 18.1.93 Bay
284 B Killarnie Miss Maughabaun Billara Padbury Dee Mare 7.11.96
285 B Killarnie Faith Billara Padbury Minnie Mare 20.11.95 Chestnut
286 B Peacemaker (changed from Conspiracy 24/05/06) Gillshaw Caliph Mikopul Gelding 26/12/1992 Bay
287 B Impeccable Ferryman Levenmouth Impeccable Petanne Gelding 14.2.94 Bay
288 B Impeccable Mary Anne Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna Mare 18.10.95
289 B Impeccable Bella Blue Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna Mare 3.10.94 Chestnut
290 B Impeccable River Dance Levenmouth Impeccable Dublin Connection 7.2.94
291 B Impeccable Irish Cream Levenmouth Impeccable Dublin Connection Mare 1.4.95 Bay
292 B Blenheim Domingo Wetherby Master Santa Shiraz Girl 1.11.93
293 B Impeccable Quest Levenmouth Impeccable Tessa 1.9.94
294 B Impeccable Mary Jane Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna Mare 10.12.96
295 B Tyneside Tyson Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Uncle Top’s Cabin Gelding 5.10.95 Bay
296 B Sandgate Moravia Sandgate Reznor Tarra Gold 7.11.96
297 B Killarnie Simply Red Killarnie Rusty 20.10.92
298 B Killarnie Cyrene Billara Padbury Bette (TB) Mare 2/01/1996 Bay
299 B Karramar Cascade * Forest Field Day Tequila Mare 21/09/1989 Bay
300 B Austral Park Adonis Wetherby Pierre In the Autumn Gelding 7.12.95
301 B Mandiackym Loaded Shot Emperor Oberon Kalgan Wind-Up Stallion 12.11.96
302 B Wetherby Eve Osberton Goliath Lace Mare 8.11.92
303 B Oberon Contessa Emperor Oberon Bess XX Mare 21/09/1990 Bay
304 B Oberon Tivoli Emperor Oberon Kate’s Delight Mare 3.9.90
305 B Valdo Valuta Oberon Tivoli Gelding 10.11.96
306 B Tyneside Elli-Mai Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Luskin Storm Mare 5.10.95
307 B Maximus 11 Oberon Maximus Lady Martiska 7.1.94
308 B Impeccable Waterboatman Levenmouth Impeccable Petanne Gelding 27.12.96
309 B Somersby Flit Ranfurly (45B) Wetherby Jezabelle 11 20.12.96
310 B Chimbu Park Bye Bye Marina Ranfurly (45B) Bye Bye Ballarat Mare 24.9.97
311 B Chimbu Park Waitin’ A While Ranfurly (45B) Diana’s Leap 4.10.97
312 B Chimbu Park Cloud Nine Ranfurly (45B) Fine Manners 20.9.97
313 B Chimbu Park Go! By Golly Ranfurly (45B) Golly’s Gal 18.9.97
314 B Reveille of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Summer Morning Mare 24.11.93 Bay
315 B Billara Rubins Wetherby Alpheratz Billara Ami 17.12.94
316 B Billara Byron Billara Padbury According Gelding 18.11.94
317 B Kalgan Marsanne Emperor Oberon Flying Frostie XX Mare 17.9.97 Bay
318 B Unicorn Park Fury Ranfurly Hai Frolic Gelding 21.9.93 Liver Chestnut
319 B Kalgan Souvereign Kalgan Endeavour Dress Grey Gelding 11.10.97 Bay
320 B Kalgan Monarch Kalgan Endeavour Shelley’s Dream Gelding 14.11.97 Bay
321 B Nico Ranfurly Wetherby Eve Gelding 10.11.97 Bay
322 B Austral Park Kalista Wetherby Pierre She’s a bottler Gelding 29.11.95 Bay
323 B Killarnie Ulysses Billara Padbury Shatett Gelding 27.12.96 Bay
324 B Killarnie Breeze Billara Padbury Blacky Mare 14.10.98 Bay
325 B Killarnie Avondale Beauty Billara Padbury Babs Mare 11.11.98 Chestnut
326 B Killarnie Berinia Billara Padbury Just Linda XX Mare 10.10.98 Bay
327 B Killarnie Signature Killarnie Oberon Hannah Gelding 20.11.98 Bay
328 B Killarnie Russet Billara Padbury Light Rusty Gelding 15.10.98 Chestnut
329 B Rimfire Abbey Billara Padbury Kula Malia Mare 22.1.99 Bay
330 B Rimfire Monty Billara Padbury Kula Malia Gelding 1.1.98 Bay
331 B Jesse Ranfurly Fancy Princess Gelding 1.10.92 Chestnut
332 B Venus of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Summer Morning Mare 29.10.97 Bay
333 B Wizard of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Summer Morning Gelding 3.6.99 Bay
334 B Poppy Forest Field Day Jouissance Maree 28.11.91 Bay
335 B Oberon Joshua Emperor Oberon Goddess of Mine Gelding 7.10.89 Bay
336 B Tyneside Rose Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Lady Pak Mare 3.1.96 Bay
337 B Gift of Killarnie Killarnie Oberon Shandee Mare 11.10.97 Bay
338 B Sandgate Maxim Sandgate Lukas Mintab Gelding 17.12.97 Bay
339 B Sandgate Lucia Sandgate Lukas Tarra Gold XX Mare 11.11.97 Bay
340 B Parkiarrup Illusions Levenmouth Impeccable Maktoums Magic Mare 13.10.93 Bay
341 B Tyneside Braveheart Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Belastra Stallion 30.9.98 Bay
342 B Tassie Crump Wetherby Barry Crump Oklahoma Gelding Sept. 1998 Bay
343 B Cefalu Forest Gump Forest Field Day Delamore Bijou Gelding 7.2.98 Bay
344 B Mystic Park Pierazz Wetherby Pierre Jazzy Lady Mare 13/12/1997 Bay
345 B Mystic Park Pierbition Wetherby Pierre Ambitious Miss Gelding 20.12.97 Bay
346 B Millenium Girl Killarnie Brianna Mare 31.12.99 Bay/grey
347 B Vivette Valuta Oberon Tivoli (CBS) Mare 17/10/1998 Bay
348 B Vinessa Valuta Oberon Contessa (CBS) Mare 18/10/1998 Bau
349 B Austral Park Spellbound Austral Park Midnight Magic Atooma Gelding 21.10.97 Bay
350 B Austal Park Scarborough Austral Park Midnight Magic Daryl’s Daughter Mare 10.11.99 Bay
351 B Anzac Ranfurly Sash Gelding 25.9.96 Bay
352 B Wetherby’s Darling Delight Osberton Goliath Quartus Queen Mare 7.12.81 Bay
353 B Summerlee Gilda Wetherby Rigoletto Alinta Mare 24.8.98 Bay
354 B Summerlea Freya Wetherby Rigoletto Aculass Mare 14.10.99 Bay
355 B Summerlea Figaro Wetherby Rigoletto Summerlee Noir Stallion 26.10.98 Bay
356 B Summerlee Manchua Wetherby Rigoletto Summerlee Noir Colt 22.11.99 Bay
357 B Summerlee Felline Wetherby Rigoletto Alinta Mare 26.10.99 Bay
358 CBS Romance of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Wyhoni Mare 5.10.93 Bay
359 CBS Revelation of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Rullahs Arrow XX Mare 23/06/1994 Bay
360 CBS Virtue of Neika Strathmore Lad Romance of Neika Mare 23.6.97 Bay
361 CBS Chimbu Park Ooh! La! La! Ranfurly Diana’s Leap Mare 26.9.99 Bay
362 CBS Chimbu Park Magnum Ranfurly Golly’s Gal Gelding 14.9.99 Brown
363 CBS Chimbu Park Fine Lace Ranfurly Fine Manner Mare 7.9.99 Brown
364 CBS Bryntawel Verena Wetherby Lord Byron Belle de Famezze Mare 6.11.98 Bay
365 CBS Tyneside Krystle Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Cannelloni Mare 14.11.98 Bay
366 CBS Chianti I.C. Killarnie Northern Carolina Gelding 19.11.98 Bay
367 CBS  Steffano Killarnie Northern Carolina Gelding 24.12.96 Bay
368 CBS Ranfurly Brigadier Ranfurly (45B) Charlotte Bay Gelding Oct. 1997 Chestnut
369 CBS MF Duart Emperor Oberon Flossatina Gelding 3.10.89 Bay
370 CBS Lyndsworth Gillshaw Caliph Sheltered Bay Gelding 22.11.92 Bay
371 CBS Boudecea Forest Field Day Dolcinaya Mare 26.11.98 Bay
372 CBS Bryntawel Afifi Wetherby Lord Byron Flaxen Fire XX Mare 17.12.98 Bay
373 CBS Cleveland Park Morrison Clareborough Bounty Sally Gelding 1.10.90 Bay
374 CBS Aerie Farm Bonne Chance Billara Padbury Change of Luck Mare 1010.99 Bay
375 CBS Impeccable Rhea Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna Mare 28.9.98 Chestnut
376 CBS Impeccable Joanna Levenmouth Impeccable Fair Joanna Mare 27.8.00 Chestnut
377 CBS Impeccable Catch Levenmouth Impeccable Birgamo II Colt 30.8.00 Bay
378 CBS Impeccable Isabelle Levenmouth Impeccable La Bella Donna Mare 5.9.00 Bay
379 CBS Wuthering Heights Sandgate Reznor Springing Miss Polka Mare 13.8.00 Bay
380 CBS Kalgan Granache Emperor Oberon Papyrus Lady Mare 25.9.97 Bay
381 CBS Tyneside Augustus Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Sunset Yarn Gelding 18.10.98 Bay
382 CBS Royal Composer Wetherby Barry Crump Lovett Lady Gelding Oct. 1993 Bay
383 CBS Pine Country Ariella CM Astra’s Ariella Sandgate Reznor Astra Mare 15.12.00 Bay
384 CBS Pine Country Peppers Anna Sandgate Reznor Imprimo Mare 24.8.00 Bay
385 CBS Ranfurly Irresistable Ranfurly Wethery Darling Delight Mare 1.12.00 Bay
386 CBS Maximum Melody Killarnie Maximus Intentions Mare 7.12.99 Chestnut
387 CBS Yfia of Neika Sydenham Hawfinch (WSB) Revelation of Neika (CBS) Mare 21.10.00 Bay
388 CB Yutha of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Summer Morning Mare 12.12.00 Bay
389 CBS Alpha Midnight Wetherby Alpheratz Killara Miss Gelding 1994 Bay
390 CBS Sovereign Wolforesk Wotan K Baroner Red Hen Colt 26.11.00 Bay
391 CBS Ballantyne Gracie Clareborough Bounty Sports Invader Mare 1995 Bay
392 CBS The Magistrate Osberton Goliath Pollyanna Gelding 25.9.91 Bay
393 CBS Brae Burn Jessie Gillshaw Caliph Cheeky Trot Mare 3.10.92 Bay
394 CBS Kia I.C.(Miss Zanakia) name change Killarnie Menaka Shameer Mare 2.11.97 Bay
395 CBS Whinzal Highhaven Park Emperors Welt Oberon Tivoli (CBS) Mare 21.11.00 Bay
396 CBS Wallistein Highhaven Park Emperors Welt Oberon Contessa (CBS) Gelding 14.12.00 Chestnut
397 CBS Huntcliffe Noble Captain Osberton Goliath Gay Shiffnel Gelding 21.10.92 Bay
398 CBS Merchiston Chapman Osberton Goliath Honey Gelding 11.10.98 Bay
399 CBS Tivoli Atamedes Aachimedes Atalanta Colt 21.11.00 Bay
400 B Austral Park Charisma Wetherby Pierre Atooma Mare 6.3.95 Bay
401 B Austral Park Fortune Wetherby Pierre Gypsy Gelding 3.10.94 Bay
402 B Carlwood Caesar Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Tippinninny Gelding 21.10.98 Bay
403 B CB Tarquin Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Gipsy Child Gelding 7.11.95 Bay
404 B Emperor’s Concerto Emperor Magic Mimi Gelding 1.8.89 Bay
405 CBS Karramar Mystique Bantry Bere Karramar Cascade (CBS) Mare 6/10/2000 Bay
406 CBS Zeus of Neika Sydenham Hawfinch WSB Revelation of Neika (CBS) Gelding 22.10.01 Bay
407 CBS Lord of the Rings Ranfurly Wetherby Darling Delight Colt 2.12.01 Bay
408 CBS Tyneside Black’N Tan Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Uncle Top’s Cabin Gelding 14.10.97 Bay
409 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Paul Wetherby Lord Byron Hynotic Princess XX  Gelding 6/09/2001 Bay
410 CBS Trinity of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Wyhoni Mare 12.10.97 Bay
411 CBS Hugo St. Gall of Rievalux Matsqui Watch the Clock (173B) Colt 13/10/2001 Bay
412 CBS Florian of Rievaulx Wetherby Barry Crump Fleury Colt 28.12.01 Bay
413 CBS Lorenzo of Rievaulx Wetherby Barry Crump Virginia Romance Colt 6.04.02 Bay
414 CBS Austral Park Noah Wetherby Lord Lochinvar Sur la Mare Gelding 5.01.01 Bay
415 CBS Killarnie Tempo Billara Padbury Rose Gelding 1.11.98 Chestnut
416 CBS Killarnie Lyric Billara Padbury Light Melody Gelding 18.10.99 Bay
417 CBS Killarnie Klassic Killarnie Maximus Intentions Gelding 5.10.98 Bay
418 CBS Winifred Fair Levenmouth Impeccable Scarlet Fair Mare 6/01/2002 Bay
419 CBS Oberon Hannah Emperor Oberon Goddess of Mine Mare 22.10.88 Bay
420 CBS McCuachla Bletchicano Impeccable Model Colt 10.12.01 Bay
421 CBS Impeccable Elise Levenmouth Impeccable Shining Through Mare 17.09.01 Bay
422 CBS Mac-Sheumais Harrington Matchmaker  Misty Stallion 25.9.81 Grey
423 CBS Mac-Nelson Mac-Sheumais  Columbine Colt 16.12.00 Bay
424 CBS Ballantyne Auburn Flamingo Cloud XX Ballantyne Gracie CBX Mare 28.8.02 Bay
425 CBS Woodmount Midori Woodmount Magic Woodmount Jamaica Mare 23.10.94 Chestnut
426 CBS Pine Country Reznor Sandgate Reznor Madison Anne Gelding 18.12.01 Bay
427 CBS Wetherby Good Wetherby Longfellow Woobine Pride Gelding 14.12.91 Bay
428 CBS Impeccable Classic Rock Levenmouth Impeccable Dr. Stone Gelding 24.3.00 Bay
429 CBS Billara Izzy Wetherby Alpheratz T/B mare Mare 5.2.00 Bay
430 CBS Billara Lucy Wetherby Alpheratz T/B mare Mare Sept. 1998 Bay
431 CBS Tobermory of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Rullahs Arrow XX Gelding 10.11.95 Bay
432 CBS Fervin Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Vibrant Anna Gelding 1.11.97 Black
433 CBS Verodina Tabatha Billara Padbury Bernscan Mare 13.10.99 Chestnut
434 CBS A Touch of Class Ranfurly Tag Mare 5.12.02 Bay
435 CBS Killarnie Monarch Billara Padbury Rosie Gelding 28.10.98 Bay
436 CBS Tivoli Atticus Falmon Atalanta Mare 14.9.03 Bay
437 CBS Ranfurly Heritage Ranfurly Zeta Gelding 14.12.01 Bay
438 CBS Bryntawel Apparition Wetherby Lord Byron Ryuku XX Gelding 5.1.98 Grey
439 CBS Bryntawel Argus Wetherby Lord Byron Mary Gelding 8.3.98 Grey
440 CBS Bryntawel Lucinda Wetherby Lord Byron Adois Barmaid Mare 8.12.98 Bay
441 CBS Ranfurly Ironbark Ranfurly Wetherby Darling Delight Gelding 19.9.03 Bay
442 CBS Bryn Yuys Boyter Kilharken Brae Burn Pippin Gelding 23.01.03 Grey
443 CBS Galilee Rainmaker Tyneside Braveheart Celebration Time Gelding 23.10.02 Bay
444 CBS Rimfire Celeste Levi Ravaillion Killarnie Clover Mare 1.11.02 Bay
445 CBS Ballantyne Brunette Flamingo Cloud Ballantyne Gracie Mare 21.8.03 Bay
446 CBS Merchiston Grace Osberton Goliath Honey Mare 29.9.99 Bay
447 CBS Just Joy Braelea Park Fearless (CBS) Maximus Intentions Mare 10.12.02 Bay
448 CBS KP James Wetherby Royal Pathfinder Winston’s Spell Gelding 27.11.99 Bay
449 CBS Yorick of Neika Wetherby Barry Crump Trippitaka Gelding 2000 Bay
450 CBS Petersfield Miro Ranfurly My Little Princess Mare 20/10/2002 Bay
451 CBS Billara Skylark Wetherby Alpheratz Purdy Mare 18.1.2000 Bay
452 CBS Bryntawel D’Arcy Wetherby Lord Byron Minnisha Colt 1.4.03 Bay
453 CBS Verondina Papewaeo Wetherby Alpheratz Celebriella Colt 25.9.03 Bay
454 CBS Verondina Yahnis Crème de la Crème Verondina Tabatha Colt 17.4.03 Chestnut
455 CBS  Ranfurly Venus Ranfurly Dorchester Belle Mare ?/11/99 Black
456 CBS Classical Bay Heslerton Farmer Classic Bay Mare 28.10.97 Bay
457 CBS Sea Mist Tatiana Summerlee Figaro Native Brew mare 18.1.03 Bay
458 CBS Sea Mist Nikita Summerlee Figaro Tootsie mare 16.10.02 Bay
459 CBS Sea Mist Romanoff Summerlee Figaro Fury’s Flight Gelding 7.11.02 Bay
460 CBS Bryn Ynis Zilla Kilharken Brae Burn Pippin Mare 3.12.03 Grey
461 CBS Ballantyne Colours Flamingo Cloud Ballantyne Gracie Mare 22.8.04 Bay
462 CBS Ballantyne Dark Deceit Flamingo Cloud Bry-n-ka Owen Mare 13.10.04 Bay
463 CBS Vienna Serenade Napoleon Volrath Serenade Mare 25.9.93 Bay
464 CBS Windermere Logan Sandgate Reznor Controversial Lady Gelding 23.11.03
465 CBS Rimfire Duet Levi Raivallion Rimfire Abbey Mare 11.11.03 Bay
466 CBS Rimfire Boudicca Levi Raivallion Killarnie Grace Mare 11.11.03 Bay
467 CBS Austral Park Symphony Wetherby Pierre Gipsy Mare 1996
468 CBS Ranfurly Alexandra Ranfurly Gift or Gain Mare 1995 Bay
469 CBS Windermere Nemesis Sandgate Reznor Rustic Charm Colt 26.11.03 Bay
470 CBS Wetherby Soprano Wetherby Royal Pathfinder  Ella Gelding 20.12.98 Bay
471 CBS Galilee Surprise Tyneside Braveheart Grace Gelding 29.10.03 Bay
472 CBS Bewitching Accent Ranfurly Ardent Ways Mare 8.11.99 Grey
473 CBS Huntclyffe Hollywood Osberton Goliath Water Sin Mare 22.11.90 Bay
474 CBS Ranfurly Fair Dinkum Ranfurly Huntclyffe Hollywood Colt 12.10.04 Bay
475 CBS Verondina Charlotte Billara Alfredo Verondina Rani Mare 5.7.04 Grey
476 CBS Verondina Alhari Billara Alfredo Onze Mata Hari Colt 29.11.04 Bay
477 CBS Verondina Monday’s Grace Billara Alfredo Calabrisella Mare 20.09.04 Bay
478 CBS CM Alina Keely Allen Park Bald Eagle CM Killarnie Ceilidh (CBS) Mare 19.1.05 Piebald
479 CBS Clareborough Bonnie Clareborough Bounty Sally Mare 21.11.93 Bay
480 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Adelina Twin View Romeo Bryntawel Afifi (CBS) Mare 10.05.05 Bay
481 CBS Ranfurly Uluru Ranfurly Wetherby Darling Delight   Colt 21.01,05 Bay
482 CBS Westwood Matchmaker Ranfurly Huntcliffe Delphenia   Colt 8.11.04 Bay
483 CBS Westwood Simplicity Ranfurly Wetherby Simplicity   Mare 17.12.04 Bay
484 CBS Sherlock Wetherby Lord Byron Lady of Hay XX Gelding 29.11.98 Bay
485 CBS Llanbrecon Lodge Psyche’s Eternal Billara  Padbury Rose XX Gelding 3/12/1996 Chestnut
486 CBS Rockleigh Big Time Grecian Ford (ASB) Billara Killani Gelding 21/10/1998 Bay
487 CBS Kilimanjaro Ranfurly (45B) Swinging Bell Colt 9.11.04 Bay
488 CBS Savannah Ranfurly (45B) Reflection’s Lady Mare 9.12.04 Grey
489 CBS Larrikin Parks Reverie Sandgate Reznor Ruby Tuesday Mare 22.8.05 Bay
490 CBS Grey Tiger Ranfurly (CBS) Serenity Gelding 4.11.00 Grey
491 CBS Overflow Anzac Sandgate Reznor Finally Free Gelding 16.8.04 Bay
492 CBS Rimfire Masta Levi Raivaillion Blenheim Vespera Gelding 17.11.04 Bay
493 CBS Rimfire Marcab Levi Raivaillion Killarnie Clover Gelding 29.1.04 Chestnut
494 CBS Windermere Xena Sandgate Reznor Crystal Mare 17.11.04 Bay
495 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Valentine Tex-Lea Saint Paul (CBS) Killarnie Cyrene (CBS) Colt 14.2.06 Bay
496 CBS Farrago Spydekka Ranfurly (45B) Sun Vaals Gelding 18.10.00 Grey
497 CBS Killarnie Castanet Billara Padbury Annabelle (CBS) Mare   3.11.00 Bay
498 CBS Killarnie Aria Killarnie Bess Mare 14.2.99 Chestnut
499 CBS Alabai Absinth Wetherby Barry Crump Portia Colt 25.10.04 Bay
500 CBS Alabai Muscat Wetherby Barry Crump Killarnie Aria Colt 8.8.05 Bay
501 CBS Windermere Smudge Sandgate Reznor Nylkaria Geld 20.8.04 Bay
502 CBS Ashenden Forest Braelea Park Huntsman Rebecca Geld 12.9.92 Bay
503 CBS Billara Beersheba Wetherby Alpheratz Billara Killari Colt 20.9.04 Bay
504 CBS Farrago Pieces of Eight Billara Padbury Ranfurly Alexandra Colt 1.12.05 Bay
505 CBS Farrago Quatermain Billara Padbury Sun Vaals Colt 15.12.05 Grey
506 CBS KC Park Maxamus Ashbrool Park Meccano Clareborough Bonnie Geld 25.9.05 Bay
507 CBS Bryn Ynys Taliesin (DECEASED) Kilharken  (Reg.Irish Draught) Killarnie Faith Geld 1.12.05 Bay/Grey
508 CBS Bryn Ynys Roland Kilharken  (Reg.Irish Draught) Brae Burn Pippin Geld 11.12.05 Bay
509 CBS Topaz Bay Wetherby Alpheratz Toshiba Mare 1.10.93 Bay
510 CBS Impeccable Irish Luck Levenmouth Impeccable Madam Mona Gelding 28.10.02 Chestnut
511 CBS Verondina Doni Billara Alfredo Verondina Tabatha Gelding 10.9.05 Bay
512 CBS Petersfield Printz Ranfurly My Little Princess  Gelding 30.11.05 Chestnut
513 CBS  Mr Percival Austral Park Midnight Magic All Respect Gelding  30.10.04 Bay
514 CBS Glenbogyl Park Tahi Wetherby Barry Crump Cousin Louise Colt 29.1.06 Bay
515 CBS K Dale Mr.Mischief Sandgate Reznor Nic The Nagano Gelding Oct.04 Bay
516 CBS CM Bushveldt Carbineer Wetherby Alpheratz Billara Killari Colt 18.10.06 Bay
517 CBS CM Cullen Eachan CM Danzaponastaa Killarnie Ceilidh (CBS) Gelding 2.10.2006 Bay
518 CBS Bangor Ivy League Austral Park Midnight Magic BraeleaPark Spring Melody  Mare 29.9.01 Bay
519 CBS Yatama Edans Rebel Sandgate Reznor Fortunate Eboney Gelding 16.11.06 Bay
520 CBS Yatama Buggered If I Know Sandgate Reznor Atlanta Beauty Gelding 21.11.06 Bay
521 CBS Yatama Stanza Sandgate Reznor Dark Purpose Gelding 12.03.06 Bay
522 CBS Yatama Maverick Sandgate Reznor Darkwood Makira Gelding 28.12.06 Bay
523 CBS Yatama  Peter Pan Wetherby Barry Crump Superior Lady Gelding 9.09.06 Bay
524 CBS Merchiston Jazz Osberton Goliath Bailey Mare 11.07.99 Bay
525 CBS Windermere Carson Sandgate Reznor Cardilia Gelding 08.08.05 Bay
526 CBS Windermere Nero Sandgate Rezner Nylkaria Gelding 10/08/2006 Bay
527 CBS Amsley Park Sir Prize Sandgate Reznor Natarlyan (SB) Gelding 29/08/2005 Bay
528 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Veronica Texlea Impeccable Marksman Bryntawel Afifi (372CBS) Mare 2/09/2007 Bay
529 CBS Tex-Lea Saint David Texlea Impeccable Marksman Killarnie Cyrene (B298) Colt 9/09/2007 Bay
530 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Hilda Texlea Impeccable Marksman Karramar Cascade (B299) Mare 17/09/2007 Bay
531 CBS Ranfurly Coolibah Ranfurly Wetherby Eve Gelding 10/11/1997 Bay
532 CBS Sandgate Supanova Sandgate Lukas Tarra Gold Mare 23/02/2007 Bay
533 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Alodia Texlea Impeccable Marksman Revelation of Neika (CBS) Mare 22/10/2007 Bay
534 CBS CM Dolan Kearney Allen Park Bald Eagle CM Killarnie Ceilidh (CBS) Gelding 12/10/2007 Bay
535 CBS Ranfurly Swagman Ranfurly Huntclyffe Hollywood Gelding 13/11/2006 Bay
536 CBS Whitby Surprise Billara Padbury Nellie Mare 19/10/2006 Bay
537 CBS CM Commanding Miss Billara Beersheba Commanding View XX Mare 9/01/2008 Bay
538 CBS Bryntawel Remembrance Day Impeccable Marksman Bryntawel Athena (CBS) Mare 11/09/2007 Bay
539 CBS Bryntawel Elizabeth Wetherby Lord Byron Ryuku XX Mare 20/09/2005 Grey
540 CBS Bryntawel Jester Wetherby Lord Byron Jessiebelle (pony) Gelding 3/10/2002 Grey
541 CBS Bryntawel Afridi Wetherby Lord Byron Silver Century XX Mare 6/01/1997 Bay
542 CBS Whitby Diamontina Billara Padbury Ranfurly Venus (455CBS) Mare 30/01/2007 Bay
543 CBS Impeccable Design Bletchicano XX Impeccable Model (209B) Gelding 15/12/2004 Bay
544 CBS Impeccable Red October Bletchicano XX Impeccable Model (209B) Gelding 16/10/2003 Chestnut
545 CBS Impeccable Lizzie Levenmouth Impeccable Shining Through XX Mare 1/02/2004 Bay
546 CBS CM Oberon Toblerone Emperor Oberon Kalgan Wind-Up Stallion 13/09/1999 Bay
547 CBS Windermere Flanagan Sandgate Reznor Snowview Fleur (Hann) Gelding 19/08/2005 Bay
548 CBS Merchiston Dalton Osberton Goliath Tiba Gelding 27/09/1998 Bay
549 CBS Weerona Park Tequila Bold Tenby XX Oberon Cluedo Mare 1/11/1996 Bay
550 CBS Ferndale Springs Empress Reckless Kelly XX Kalgan Enterprise (169B) Mare 16/11/2006 Bay
551 CBS Ranfurly Havana Ranfurly (45B) C&G Gelding 15/11/2007 Bay
552 CBS Windermere Baylaurel Bewitched Sandgate Reznor Chatahn Destine (Arabian) Mare 13/12/2005 Bay
553 CBS Rimfire Marcus Levi Raivallion Blenheim Vespera (111B) Gelding 18/11/2006 Bay
554 CBS Rimfire Mya Levi Raivallion Killarnie Clover (251B) Mare 31/10/2006 Chestnut
555 CBS DP Finean Emperor Oberon Still Engaged Gelding 22/09/1996 Bay
556 CBS Verondina Vivarchie Billara Alfredo Onze Mata Hari Gelding 7/10/2006 Bay
557 CBS Verondina Dontai Billara Alfredo Verondina Margo Colt 30/10/2007 Bay
558 CBS Verondina Aldaria Billara Alfredo Verondina Tabatha Mare 9/03/2008 Bay
559 CBS Braelea Park Serendipity Moelion Arthur Blenheim Badoura Mare ??/10/2002 Bay
560 CBS Windermere Belissimo Sandgate Reznor Impeccable Irish Cream (291B) Mare 6/11/2004 Bay
561 CBS Wensleydale Bonney B Gillshaw Caliph Lochnevis XX Mare 25/09/1995 Bay
562 CBS CM Silver Serenade Billara Beersheba Rossida XX Mare 12/09/2008 Bay/Grey
563 CBS Windermere Augustus Sandgate Reznor Ravenswood Tammy Gelding 15/08/2005 Grey
564 CBS Alabai Vega Wetherby Barry Crump Movaya XX Mare 15/05/2006 Bay
565 CBS Alabai Maria Wetherby Barry Crump Isle of Galveston (WB – Holst) Mare 21/06/2007 Bay
566 CBS Alabai Slava Wetherby Barry Crump Killarnie Aria Mare 5/01/2007 Bay
567 CBS CM Brigadier Royston Allen Park Bald Eagle Billara Killari (158B) Gelding 7/11/2008 Bay
568 CBS CM Brietta Carlin Allen Park Bald Eagle CM Killarnie Ceilidh (CBS) Mare 13/11/2008 Bay Skewbald
569 CBS CM Sorta Sassy Billara Beersheba Kaysand Kinda Cute Mare 14/11/2008 Bay
570 CBS CM Mighty Wings Billara Beersheba Bao Salle XX Mare 3/12/2008 Bay
571 CBS Serendipity Asteria (UK PB4703) Pembridge Midshipman Topaz Bay (509 CBS) Mare 7/12/2007 Bay
572 CBS Ballantyne Epic Flamingo Cloud XX Ballantyne Gracie (391 CBS) Mare 16/09/2006 Bay
573 CBS CM Bedford Forrest Forest Field Day Killarnie Breeze Stallion 26/12/2004 Bay
574 CBS Diamond in the Ruff Damontez LS Classical Bay (456CBS) Mare 21/12/2006 Bay
575 CBS Vincent Summerlee Figaro (355CBS) Bordanova XX Gelding 16/11/2006 Bay
576 CBS Overflow Larrikin Londonderry Kalgan Granache (380CBS) Colt 4/12/2007 Bay
577 CBS Ferndale Springs Willow Sandgate Reznor Comeely Park Leica Lyric Mare 9/11/2004 Bay
578 CBS Ferndale Springs Top That Tregoyd Topper Ferndale Springs Willow Geld 23/11/2008 Bay
579 CBS Ferndale Springs Mystelle Reckless Kelly XX Ferndale Springs Willow Mare 31/08/2007 Bay
580 CBS Ferndale Springs Solo Tregoyd Topper Excelsior Luft Geld 1/12/2008 Bay
581 CBS Ferndale Springs Heidi Reckless Kelly XX Impeccable Elise Mare 26/10/2008 Brown
582 CBS Ferndale Springs Dutchess Tregoyd Topper Kalgan Enterprise Mare 11/05/2009 Bay
583 CBS Impeccable Charles Levenmouth Impeccable Shining Through Geld 12/09/2005 Chestnut
584 CBS Impeccable Penny Levenmouth Impeccable Copper Tudor Mare 12/09/2005 Chestnut
585 CBS Ferndale Springs Lady Grace Tregoyd Topper Impeccable Model Mare 21/12/2008 Bay
586 CBS Overflow New Flame Summerhil Sampson Kalgan Grenache Geld 10/10/2005 Bay
587 CBS MissBertram Billara Padbury Elle Oop Oop Mare 26/10/2008 Bay
588 CBS Tivoli Ecclesbourne Jaybee Alabaster Whinzal out of Oberon Tivol Geld 19/11/2004 Bay
589 CBS Billara Fair Play Wetherby Alpheratz Brady (ASH) Mare 02/02/2000 Bay
590 CBS Billara Nova Dynasty Park Remington (ASH) Billara Alice Geld 15/11/2007 Bay
591 CBS Iramoo Valentine Karda Mordo Mir Iramoo Carina (27B) Geld 09/01/2009 Bay
592 CBS CM Independent Miss Billara Beersheba Brae Park Serendipity Mare 05/08/2009 Bay
593 CBS CM Windjammer CM Toblerone Baxters Faberge Colt 10/8/2009 Bay
594 CBS CM Cloud Nine CM Toblerone Chloe’s Star Colt 9/9/2009 Bay
595 CBS Ranfury Stratton Ranfurly Hollyfeld Asti llui Geld 29/9/2002 Bay
596 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Magnus Tex-Lea Saint Oliver Bryntawell Afifi colt 1/1/2009 Bay
597 CBS Tex-Lea Saint Hugh Tex-Lea Saint Oliver Karramar Cascade colt 1/4/2009 Bay
598 CBS Serindipity Dance of the Kingfisher Spirit of the Storm Merchison Grace mare 6/11/2008 Bay
599 CBS Serindipity Balthazer Billara Padbury Topaz Bay (509 CBS) Geld 26/12/2008 Bay
600 CBS Serindipity Jupiter Billara Padbury Poppy (TB) Geld 27/11/2008 Bay
601 CBS Patriot Billara Padbury Rosebrook (TB) Mare 22/09/2009 Bay
602 CBS CM Blue Moon CM Bedford Forrest Lady Tuthaside Colt 16/1/2010 Chestnut
603 CBS CM Desert Dreams Billara Beersheba Allen Park Desert Fox Colt 18/11/2009 Roan
604 CBS BayDolce Aramis Pembridge Midshipman Todpeta Geld 6/11/2007 Bay
605 CBS BayDolce Lumiere Wetherby Lord Byron Casinet Mare 1/10/2009 Bay
606 CBS Windemere Tilly Sangate Reznor Chantilly Rose Mare 25/09/2004 Bay
607 CBS Ranfurly Flynn Ranfurly Willow Colt 23/10/2009 Bay
608 CBS Ranfurly Red Pepper Ranfurly Isky Mare 29/11/2009 Bay
609 CBS Tivoli Jen Jen Ferrero Rocher Oberon Whinzal Mare 10/12/2007 Bay
610 CBS Angels Charm Billara Beersheba Angels Glory Mare 19/2/2010 Bay
611 CBS Heat Wave Billara Beersheba Bel Bel Colt 2/11/2009 Bay Roan
612 CBS Bridlington Farm Selby Austral Park Fieldmaster Austral Park Scarborough Mare 26/9/2008 Bay
613 CBS Heidaway Aria Contenda Austral Park Symphony Mare 9/1/2010 Bay
614 CBS Yatama Krystle Kleer Yatama Ali Tynside Kryste Mare 27/8/2009 Bay
615 CBS Windermere Enigma Sandgate Reznor Springs Park Illusion Mare 3/4/2006 Bay
616 CBS KDale Mr Darcy Royal Oak !! Ballantyne Brunette Geld 31/12/2008 Blk/Brown
617 CBS CM Bound for Glory CM Toblerone Ballantyne Gracie Geld 21/8/2010 Bay
618 CBS Wensleydales Wee Wendee Clareborough Bounty Lochnevis XX Mare 15/11/1999 Bay
619 CBS Austral Park Figaro Wetherby Pierre SunValley Gypsy Geld 1//9/1995 Bay
620 CBS Peekaboo Impeccable Marksman Withway XX Mare 1/10/2008 Bay
621 CBS Arreton Kamseen Billara Beersheba Bevolin Woodsmoke Geld 8/6/2011 Bay
622 CBS CM Moonshadow CM Bedford Forrest Lady Tuthaside Colt 10/4/2011 Bay
623 CBS Allen Park Max Factor Billara Beersheba Allen Park Spook Mare 14/3/2011 Buckskin
624 CBS Ballentyne Fenech Billara Beersheba Downtown Blue XX Geld 17/1/2011 Bay
625 CBS Ranfurly Morrison Ranfurly Hollyfeld Asti llui Geld 17/10/2010 Bay
626 CBS Yatama Montrose Sandgate Reznor Yatama  ians Butterfly Mare 28/9/2008 Bay
627 CBS Ferndale Springs Renegade Tregoyd Topper Excelsior Luft Geld 4/6/2010 Bay
628 CBS Ferndale Springs Espresso Reckless Kelly XX Impeccable Elise Geld 2/3/2010 Blk/Brown
629 CBS Austral Park Fonterra Wetherby Pierre Gypsy Geld 1/10/2003 Bay
630 CBS Ferndale Springs Clover Tregoyd Topper Impeccable Irish Cream (291B) Mare 30/08/2009 Bay
631 CBS  Reigate Miss Millie Wetherby Alperatz Denita Mare 15/9/2002 Bay
632 CBS Ferndale Springs Starlight Tregoyd Topper Zarmorn XX Mare 29/8/2009 Bay
633 CBS Ferndale Springs Amelia Tregoyd Topper Impeccable Irish Cream (291B) Mare 24/9/2010 Bay
634 CBS Ferndale Springs George Tregoyd Topper Zarmorn XX Geld 25/9/2010 Bay
635 CBS Ferndale Springs Dawn Tregoyd Topper Excelsior Luft Mare 13/10/2011 Bay
636 CBS Ferndale Springs Talisman Tregoyd Topper Windermere Enigma Geld 7/11/2009 Bay
637 CBS Ferndale Springs Kelly Tregoyd Topper Kalgan Enterprise Geld 2/11/2011 Bay
638 CBS Ferndale Springs Leonado Tregoyd Topper Zarmorn XX Geld 19/11/2011 Bay
639 CBS Ferndale Springs AVA Tregoyd Topper Impeccable Model Mare 17/11/2011 Bay
640 CBS Ferndale Springs Shimmell Tregoyd Topper Often XX Mare 18/12/2011 Grey
641 CBS Alabai Antonius Wetherby Barry Crump Isle of Galveston (WB – Holst) Geld 27/10/2009 Brown
642 CBS FK Lady Angel Golden Kestrel XX Lady Annabella Mare 21/11/2004 Bay
643 CBS Bay
644 CBS CM Ciarra Ashlinn Billara Beersheba CM Killarnie Ceilidh (CBS) Mare 17/10/2011 Bay
645 CBS CM Shall We Dance Allen Park Braveheart Killane Breeze Geld 24/9/2011 Bay
646 CBS CM Roc A Billie Roc On CM Commanding Miss Mare 4/10/2011 Buckskin
647 CBS CM Legardo CM Bedford Forrest Donna Del Lago Geld 24/11/2011 Bay
648 CBS CM She’s All That Allen Park Braveheat Billara Killari Mare 2/10/2011 Blk/bwn Tobiano
649 CBS Aleena Lexus Tyneside Braveheart Aleena Mercedes Mare 21/1/2012 Bay
650 CBS` Doctor Zeus Billara Padbury Cherry XX Geld 2/11/2008 Bay
651 CBS Serindipity Athena Silverfern Blue Jeans Merchison Grace Mare 13/12/2010 Bay
652 CBS Serindipity Boadicea Thunder Clouds Of Silk Merchison Jazz Mare 16/11/2009 Bay
653 CBS Serindipity Midnight Samba Thunder Clouds Of Silk Merchison Grace Mare 6/12/2009 Bay
654 CBS Serindipity Nubes De Seda Thunder Clouds Of Silk Topaz bay Mare 16/1/2010 Bay
655 CBS Serindipity Maya Silverfern Blue Jeans Topaz bay Mare 28/10/2011 Bay
656 CBS Allen Parl Grand Lexus Billara Beersheba Allen Park Butterscotch Mare 16/11/2011 Bay
657 CBS Ballentyne Hunter Dynasty Park Remington Ballantyne Gracie Geld 29/08/2012 Bay
658 CBS Dutchess of Hampden