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Billara Bersheeba




CBHS Reg: PB 4767
WSA Reg: WBSH2012-001
AWSHA Reg: 762SH08

75% CB 25% TB

DOB: 2004

Height: 16hh


Sire: Wetherby Alpheratz (Purebred Cleveland Bay – Imp. NZ)

Dam: Billara Killari (Partbred CB by Gillshaw Caliph (Imp. UK. Dec.))

Bill has his Permit To Breed Cleveland Bay Sporthorses with the CBHSA and is Licensed to breed Sporthorses with Warmbloods & Sporthorses of Australia and the AWSHA.
He is the sire of multi Supreme, Champion, and Reserve Champion show winners as well as being successful in the show ring himself as a youngster in-hand and now under saddle.   He is as lovely out in public as he is at home.
He has had his girls in the paddock with him most of the year, and he loves being able to ‘be a horse’, and a big part of the family.   Many have met him and then said ‘is he the stallion?’ as he is so laid back and easy going.

Bill receives positive comments wherever he goes, and does not have to work hard to get pats and scratches from folk who walk past him whether it be at competitions, clinics, outings or at home!    It is often the mare in with him who does acrobatics when our neighbour walks her pony past the paddock – Bill just sedately follows up the fence line hoping to steal a bit of attention and an ear scratch (and usually succeeds – no one can resist those big brown eyes! – he knows how to work his audience!)
We always knew that Bill was special – however with each clinic, outing, and even just trips to the indoor arena for some work, he proves just how lovely he is.

He consistently produces quality foals and the dominance of the Cleveland Bay traits do certainly shine through in them.      Cleveland Bays were used as ‘improvers’ for many of the modern Warmblood breeds back when their types and ‘breeds’ were being put together.     A lot of WB people don’t like to admit that there is Cleveland Bay back in their horses beginnings, which is a shame, as you only have to look at the Holsteiners, Oldenburgs, Hanoverians and many others to see the CB influence there way back.

Stud Fee: $1250 ($350 Booking Fee – Remainder on PPT or removal of Mare from Stud – which ever is sooner)

Location: Mount Gambier

Sandgate Reznor (DEC)

50% CB (verified) x Hol./TB/CB

DOB: (Dec)

Height: 17.2hh


Sire: Gillshaw Caliph

Dam: Balalaika

  • Only available via Frozen Semen Only (out of Tamworth, NSW, for domestic use only – not export) as he is deceased, so you will miss out on seeing this magnificent horse in the flesh.   We hope that the photographs we can share of him will give you a good indication of his build – he had a wonderful temperament and was loved by all who met him.


“Pepper” was a Cleveland Bay Sport Horse stallion standing 17.2hh

His sire was the wonderful Purebred Cleveland Bay, imported from the UK by a syndicate to Australia, Gillshaw Caliph who of course has been deceased for some years now.

His dam was a mare by the name of Balalaika who carried the lines of Schwandor and Flaneur – impressive Holsteiner breeding – and has Cleveland Bay blood back in there as well through Eaglescliff Emperor

Born in 1992, he was registered and approved for breeding with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of Australasia (CBHSA B236), and the Australian Warmblood and Sport Horse Association (AWSHA 732SH06), Pepper (or Max as he was known during his time in Western Australia), has sired some wonderful horses and can continue to do so thanks to Frozen Semen since his death in 2008.

A limited number of services are avaialable to Sandgate Reznor via Frozen Semen to select mares.

Stud Fee: $1250 plus costs.


All remaining frozen semen is available for purchase. This may be a less expensive option for someone wishing to own a stallion to start their own program or to add to an already established stud.

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